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Personal Assessment Services

Have you ever had that “out of control” feeling?
… that feeling that all your time is spent putting out fires?
Do days and weeks go by leaving you to wonder what
exactly you have accomplished?

ofPartner has the ability to help you perform a detailed Personal Assessment that details how you spend your time, with no need to tediously track your activities for several weeks or months. Utilizing the unique Personal Assessment Survey (PAS), ofPartner can provide you a detailed analysis of your activities with only a 30-minute* investment of time. An analysis of the resulting data can reveal opportunities to focus efforts, streamline processes and gain more control over your schedule and responsibilities.

The PAS does this using a simple online survey that simply asks you to describe your activities performed during a typical year. The result is an easy to use Excel® based report that allows you to view and analyze your activities at a functional level. The survey and resulting data are organized into a logical structure that is intuitive and easy to follow.

  • Who could utilize the PAS results?
  • Senior Firm Leadership
  • Office Leadership
  • Practice Area/Group Leadership
  • Administrative Departmental Leadership
  • Anyone who wants to work smarter, not harder

How can the PAS results be utilized?

  • Improving Time Management
  • Proposing Changes To Your Position
  • Proposing Changes To Your Support
  • Educating Others About Your Role
  • Facilitating Transition Of Your Role
  • Identifying Beneficial Training or Development
  • Developing Core Competency Models
  • Compensation Adjustments
  • Benchmarking
  • And much more…

Learn more about how ofPartner’s Personal Assessment can benefit you and your firm, please contact us at info@ofpartner.com or 312.720.6145.

* 30 minutes is an estimate for an average legal management professional. Your time may vary depending on your specific role and scope of responsibilities.

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