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Organizational Assessment Services

As a professional service, a law firm’s greatest assets are its people. With compensation one of the largest expenses, law firms simply cannot afford to mismanage this critical component of their business.

As we divide our firms into practice groups and departments to make them easier to manage, we find that significant inefficiencies can be created because of the inevitable “silo effect”. While this departmentalization is clearly beneficial for operational purposes, many firms have lost the ability to manage themselves as a unified organization. The inability to view their operations holistically has made it very challenging for firms to manage strategically to eliminate redundancies and identify opportunities for efficiencies.

In response to this need, ofPartner has developed a unique tool that provides leadership with unprecedented vision into a firm’s operation by analyzing the activities performed by each individual within the firm. Known as the Organizational Assessment Survey (OAS), this proprietary assessment tool developed specifically for law firms provides a unique holistic view of your organization and can be used to can clarify roles and help you proactively manage your personnel.

“ofPartner’s OAS allows you to quickly see how attorneys and support staff spend their time, and what it is costing the firm.”

The OAS does this using a simple online survey that asks respondents to describe the activities they perform during a typical year. The result is an easy to use Excel® based report that allows you to view and analyze your firm as a total organization, focusing on the functions being performed rather than the positions held. The report also allows you to filter the results to analyze individual offices, departments, practice groups or employees. The survey and resulting data are organized into a logical structure that is intuitive and easy to follow. No high-level technical experience is required.

Who could utilize the OAS results?

  • Senior Firm Leadership
  • Office Leadership
  • Practice Area/Group Leadership
  • Administrative Departmental Leadership
How can the OAS results be utilized?

  • Firm Strategic Planning
  • Practice Area/Group Strategic Planning
  • Analyzing the Utilization of Legal Personnel
  • Developing a Cost Basis for AFA calculations
  • Benchmarking for Strategic and Operational Initiatives
  • Reorganization of Administrative Functions
  • Reorganization of Administrative Departments and Personnel
  • Development of Core Competency Models
  • And much more…

Learn more about how ofPartner’s Organizational Assessment can benefit you and your firm, please contact us at info@ofpartner.com or 312.720.6145.

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