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ofPartner Launches Consulting Service Dedicated To Law Firm Administration

Posted by Bill M. Thursday, April 19, 2012 Leave a comment

ofPartner Consulting Services (OCS) is an independent consulting service offering operational management advice exclusively for law firms.

OCS consultants have invested years working with and studying the unique needs of law firms and developing solutions specifically designed to meet those needs. They have proven, well-rounded, and practical skills in a broad range of functional disciplines as well as the ability to access a broad network of legal management professionals and legal support providers around the world applying industry best practices and subject matter expertise to complement their own.

All law firm administrative personnel share the same goal -- to provide support services that meet the needs of practicing attorneys. Because these needs are increasingly diverse, and are met by increasingly diverse support personnel, natural inefficiencies develop that are often challenging for internal personnel to resolve, and sometimes even identify.

OCS is uniquely qualified to help firms develop objective analysis of existing administrative support services and develop plans to improve the coordination and efficiency of the services going forward.

Please visit our website at www.ofpartnerocs.com for additional information or call us at 312.720.6145 to discuss how we may be of service.

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